Create, Assign, Collect, Grade, and Provide Feedback on Editable Worksheets online

Many of your resources on either in PDF or Office. Here, we will show you how to convert them to editable worksheets with Google Slide. You can now use it to assign to students and collect, grade, and provide feedback online easily.

TK-6 Sample ( For MS or HS, please watch the other video below)

MS/HS Sample ( For TK-6 Sample, please watch the video above)\

Create Editable Worksheet with Google Slides

  1. Create a new Google Slide
  2. Take screenshot of parts of your worksheets and paste it one slide of your Google Slide
  3. Repeat step 2 and continue until you have paste all of your desire parts from your worksheet.
  4. Get a Share link of the Google Slide, so students can make a copy of it and enter their answers

Create an Assignment Activity

  1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic
  2. Click on Turn editing on.
  3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
  4. Select Assignment from Activities
  5. Enter a name
  6. Availability. Only check the Due Date to match with the date of the activity. (Best practice is to create a Group Override to schedule specific time and dates for each group of students)
  7. Under Submission types, check Online text and uncheck File submission. (Students will only submit Share link of their work from Google Drive. )
  8. Under Grade, enter the total point in Maximum grade, select Simple direct grading for Grading Method, select the correct Grade category (very important), and enter a grade to pass.
  9. Click Save and display
  10. Use the breadcrumb to navigate back to the Activity page.

Schedule the time for each period.

  1. Click on the Assignment activity
  2. Click on the Gear >> Group overrides
  3. Select your dates and times for Due Dates, Allow submissions from and Cut-off date. Hint: Having a Due date will allow us to see the time after the due date if you later decide to uncheck the cut-off date to allow students to turn in late work.
  4. Repeat for another period, such as a group of students with special needs.

Allow more time for specific students (intervention and accommodation)

  1. Click on the Gear >> User overrides
  2. Repeat to add another student.

Students Submitting work

Option 1(Best Option) : They can just paste the Share link of their Google Slide. This option allow you to see all history of edits, so you would know if students are cheating by duplicating another students’ file.

Option 2 ( PDF): Students download Google Slide as PDF and upload back to their Google Drive. Then, the submit the Share link that PDF.

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