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Create Question Folders/Categories in Question Bank

It is important for teachers to organize categories in Question Banks for the following reasons:

  1. Better Assessment: Organizing questions into categories helps teachers assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of specific topics and concepts.
  2. Efficient Question Selection: With categories in place, teachers can easily select questions that are relevant to their lesson, saving time and making the assessment process more efficient.
  3. Improved Question Quality: By organizing questions into categories, teachers can review, edit and improve the quality of their questions, ensuring that they are clear, relevant, and aligned with learning objectives.
  4. Increased Reusability: By categorizing questions, teachers can reuse questions from previous assessments or lessons, reducing the time and effort required to create new assessments.
  5. Improved Assessment Reliability: By having a well-organized Question Bank, teachers can ensure that assessments are consistent and reliable, providing students with accurate and meaningful feedback.

Overall, organizing categories in Question Banks is an important aspect of effective assessment design and helps teachers create high-quality, efficient and reliable assessments for their students.

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