3.0: Create a New Group to Allow Only Staffs in Group to Access.

Applications: Schools often have different committees such as School Site Council, Discipline, Budget, and other committees. We will create different groups for different committees, so only staff in specific committees can view resources and activities restricted to those committees. Hint: A person can be in more than one group.

Part 1: Create a new group

  1. Go Administration Gear >> Select More
  2. Click on Users >> Click Group
  3. Click Create Group
  4. Enter the name of your group.
  5. Enter a complex password. You don’t need to remember it because you will manually assign staff to the group.

Part 2: Manually assign staff to group.

  1. Go Administration Gear >> Select More
  2. Click on Users >> Click Enrolled users
  3. Find the staff
  4. Under the Groups column, click on the pencil to edit changes.
  5. Assign the new group and press Enter on your Keyboard to save changes.

Part 3: Create an activity or resource with Group restrictions

  1. Create your activity or resource
  2. To add restriction: Under Restrict access, click Add restriction >> click Group >> Select your group
  3. To another group, click Add restriction >> Select another group
  4. Change match all to match any

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