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Media Release Disclaimer:

Win Elements LLC is excited to have showcased the Multi-Tiered Safe Pouch and Sleedu solution at our booth, designed to empower educators to solve 80% of their school problems. We had all the necessary recoding equipment visible to inform educators about the innovative solution, and to capture their reactions, we may have recorded and captured your image, voice, and likeness on camera or any other electronic or digital media. However, to protect your privacy, we have blurred out images and name tags.

We may use the recorded media for educational, marketing, or promotional purposes, including social media, website, or any other publication channels. By participating, you acknowledge and agree that Win Elements LLC and its affiliates may use the recorded media, and retain all rights to the media captured during the event. Win Elements LLC has the right to edit, publish, or distribute such media at its sole discretion, without any compensation to you.

Please note that we respect your privacy and will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. However, please be aware that your name or other personal information may be mentioned during the recording, and we cannot guarantee otherwise, as these recordings may be used for promotional purposes.

We encourage you to inspire other educators at your school and many schools to implement the tools and solutions that would make a difference in your careers, school performance, and students’ learning outcomes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with us at

Thank you for your participation and support.


The Win Elements LLC Team

John Nguyen

John Nguyen

We're teachers who empower educators to solve school problems

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