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The Win Elements Show’s mission is to empower today’s educators with the knowledge, resources, strategies, and solutions to solve problems in classrooms and schools.

08- Living with Opportunities

Dear students,You live your lives waiting for opportunities,praying for opportunities,demanding for opportunities. You may think schools have failed you.You may think your teachers don’t care about you.You may think your parents don’t love you.You may think the world is not fair to you. You wish you are someone else.You wish for an opportunity. But, what […]

7-Dear Teachers, Please Don’t Be Afraid.

Dear teachers, You always want to be a preacher. You talked about what students need to have or must be Perseverance, Growth-Mindset, and Responsibility Yet, have ever asked what you need to have or must be for your students and your self-integrity. I know you are frustrated. When students don’t show their faces I know […]

06-Life is YOLO, But Your Stories Will Never Die.

Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!Inspired by our students, we made this video to inspire them to live their life with a purpose.John wrote this poem, Life is Yolo.It is time.It is time to stop living in the backdrop.It is time to stop thinking that you are not perfect.It is time to stop waiting for the world […]

04: Measurable Teaching Outcomes with Technology & Best Practices

What are the key challenges? Due to limited time and resources, the current evaluation of effective teaching or effective teachers is captured by a fragmented process that is impossible for an observer to measure the outcomes of teaching and performances of a teacher holistically. According to John Hattie, his new studies show that “teacher estimates […]