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The Win Elements Show’s mission is to empower today’s educators with the knowledge, resources, strategies, and solutions to solve problems in classrooms and schools.

Ep-4: Measurable Teaching Outcomes with Technology & Best Practices

What are the key challenges? Due to limited time and resources, the current evaluation of effective teaching or effective teachers is captured by a fragmented process that is impossible for an observer to measure the outcomes of teaching and performances of a teacher holistically. According to John Hattie, his new studies show that “teacher estimates […]

Ep. 3: Innovate teaching without Fear, but with a mission.

To understand Amy’s story, we needed to go back to the day when she was hired. Also, Amy is a short and petite woman who looks like a tenth grader, and she is teaching high students who are taller and stronger than her.  Before Amy was hired, another science teacher at her high school also […]