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How to transform the school with our simple and practical solutions based on transparency, individual accountability and creativity, collective teacher efficacy, and Mutlt-tiers System of Support for educators.

Easy Online Grading After Post-Covid’s Lockdown

Distance learning is an opportunity and a reminder for teachers to approach learning from a different perspective. One essential teaching task we have to redefine is online grading students with learning equity and multi-tiers system of support (MTSS) Before COVID, teachers are so comfortable with making worksheets or talking on stages. With new COVID’s variants, […]

Ineffective Professional Learning Communities

Examining Failed Professional Learning Communities After decades of defining, describing, and implementing PLCs, it shows that teachers are the primary experts in the teaching profession. Rachel Sims and Richard look at different literatures and their own studies to examine Professional Learning Community, and they “[warn] that PLCs that are launched just to conform … to […]