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With schools moving to hybrid learning, there are new challenges that educators and school leaders will have to overcome to provide a safe and effective learning setting. Using, Safe Pouch with your resources, we will help you solve those underlying challenges and streamline sustainable and practical solutions with measurable outcomes.

Streamline Hybrid Learning

What is hybrid learning? Hybrid learning is a combination of in-person and distance learning; therefore, the challenges of hybrid learning also include distance learning challenges. Adding in-person learning to virtual learning could add another layer of challenges for many teachers, even though it seems that the in-person component would add support. Combining the two very […]

Streamline Blended Classroom FAQ

Credit: Adapted from Kareem Farah and Robert Barnett’s Answers to Your Blended Learning Questions and our teaching practices in our classes. Main Objectives: Redefine traditional teaching practices to replace teacher-centered, lecture-based, and one-size-fits-all teaching with student-centered, technology-enhanced instruction that empowers learning equity with a multi-tier system of intervention and support. Blended Instruction FAQs What is […]