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20 Reasons to DII with Quiz instead of Interactive Video.

What are the main benefits of creating an Interactive Video embedded with questions? Teachers can disable skipping to prevent from skipping forward. Is it impactful? Initially, we thought it was. However, data of students’ learning outcomes on both formal and informal assessments show it has little impact on high-risk students. We observed high-risk students only […]

No More Typing Short URL or link

Current Challenges: Many teachers still share resources by asking students to enter a short URL or a link. It is a tedious process, and many students have problems because it is case-sensitive or students type incorrectly. Overview of the solution: Create a URL resource, so students only have to click on the link to […]

Class Announcements with a Label

Challenges: Email and phone communications are very limited because most students and their parents do not check their email or text messages. Also, the content of the message is also limited because teachers can add media-rich message. Overview of Solution: We create banner using a Label in our course, so all students will see immediately […]