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Solve the problems of addictions to cellphone and social media at homes, in schools, and in classrooms to transforms culture and relationships. A low-tech and easy solution to eliminate distraction due to cellphone and reinvent schoolwide discipline and culture.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Every year, millions of tons of cheap products are ended in landfills, lands, or in oceans. We invented and produced Safe Pouch with an emphasis on protecting our environment: Long-lasting, premium fabric that will withstand the daily usages of students. Safe Pouch is symmetrically designed to simplify production processes and drastically reduce un-used fabric waste […]

Practical Learning Equity

equitable learning settings

Educators and school leaders often talk about the lack of learning equity in today’s education. The conversation often involves racial and social inequity in society and in schools or other influences that educators have little control over. The lack of control makes it almost impossible for current educators to implement measurable actions to bring learning […]

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