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Patented Safe Pouch stop cyberbullying and make your school phone-free

How many teachers use Safe Pouch to make their class phone-free and engage students

As current teachers, we know the cellphone is not just a distraction problem, but it also creates many other problems. More importantly, we can use it as a positive incentive or consequence. We understand it can be difficult to get your school to pay for the tool you really need. We invented a Safe Pouch […]

How Safe Pouch Transform Schools and Learning

Phone-Free Classroom Step-by-Step Implementation (Individual Teacher) Pros Does not need school-site implementation, individual teachers can implement in their classes. Low-cost investment since each teacher only need a few about 5 Blue Safe Pouch® and a key. Fewer students will abuse the pouch because it is always in the classrooms. Cons Teachers must monitor and enforce […]

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Every year, millions of tons of cheap products are ended in landfills, lands, or in oceans. We invented and produced Safe Pouch with an emphasis on protecting our environment: Long-lasting, premium fabric that will withstand the daily usages of students. Safe Pouch is symmetrically designed to simplify production processes and drastically reduce un-used fabric waste […]

Practical Learning Equity

equitable learning settings

Educators and school leaders often talk about the lack of learning equity in today’s education. The conversation often involves racial and social inequity in society and in schools or other influences that educators have little control over. The lack of control makes it almost impossible for current educators to implement measurable actions to bring learning […]

Redefine Classroom Management with Safe Pouch

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How do COVID-19 and Distance Learning affect your students and classroom management?The impact of distance learning and lockdown on children and adolescents’ mental health will have a long-lasting effect on students’ social-emotional and academic development. School closures and lockdown restrictions meant children had been physically isolated from their friends. Children have been forced to keep […]

Premium & Environmentally Friendly

As science educators, we are always aware of the toxic environmental impacts of cheap and disposable products. We manufacture Safe Pouch with Premium material that will last for many years. Most importantly, we are committed to repair and refurbish our Safe Pouch to extend the life of the pouch and save schools money. All new […]

Split Payments Into Multiple Years (Safe Pouch Only)

As current teachers, we understand schools’ budget is allocated to different category annually. Different categories such as Title I fund have some restrictions. To support all schools’ limited budget, we allow schools to split their payments into multiple years, so it would not affect their current year’s budget . Does Safe Pouch Qualify for your […]

How Safe Pouch Redefine Discipline Procedures and Consequences

Common Disciplinary Problems Many common disciplinary issues among students are common and can be mediated with effective classroom management strategies. One group of common discipline problems is disengagement. Students are not disruptive in classes, but they are not receiving instruction or participate in learning activities. These students participate in off-task activities such as putting their […]

Create Phone-Free Schools & Transform School Learning Cultures with Safe Pouch®

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Flexible Payments: Schools can split Payments up to 3 Years to meet your annual budget allocation.   >> Learn More << How do COVID-19 and distance learning change students’ behaviors and your school’s learning setting? The impact of distance learning and lockdown on children and adolescents’ mental health will have a long-lasting effect on students’ social-emotional and academic development. […]