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Digitize your school to streamline communications and collaborations with comprehensive and organized online courses.

2.1: Ebooks: Organizations and Strategies

Applications: Ebook combined with Google Drive is a very useful tool that allows you to organize all online resources in one organized ebook. Organization for Schoolwide Resource eBook for all staff Important Forms and Websites Year- Year Weekly Bulletins Year – Year Staff Meeting Agenda Pro Tips: You can hide previous-year chapters Bulletins and Agendas. […]

3.0: Create a New Group to Allow Only Staffs in Group to Access.

Applications: Schools often have different committees such as School Site Council, Discipline, Budget, and other committees. We will create different groups for different committees, so only staff in specific committees can view resources and activities restricted to those committees. Hint: A person can be in more than one group. Part 1: Create a new group […]

Essential Forum and Email Notification Settings

How to edit forum preferences to see highlights of new posts Click on Profile >> select Preferences Click on the Forum Preferences Under Forum tracking, select Yes: highlight new posts for me. Click Save changes Note: You will follow step 1-3 to log in. How to edit Notification preferences Click on Profile >> select Preferences […]

New Users: Register on

How to register / log in after registration. Click on Log In at the upper-right corner Click on the Google button Use your district/school Login information. If it’s your first time, you will be greeted with the website’s Site Policies Click Yes to register. Need Help? Contact Us to Schedule Live-Zoom Training (It’s FREE if […]

Make it Easier with a Pre-set PLC course and Pre-made activities/resources

Hello fellow educators and school leaders, my name is John Nguyen. Together with Amy and Arthur, we co-founded Win Elements to empower educators like you to provide learning equity through transparency, individual accountability, creativity, and multi-tiered system of interventions and supports. As current educators, we know the difficulty of learning and implementing new technology such […]

4.0: Organize Folders and Files in a Folder

Applications: Are you tire of file incompatibility when you upload files to Google Drive? Also, the format and layout of your file may change randomly when you upload and download. When you forgot to the have correct Share setting, and others cannot access it. Our solution will solve this problem easily. Using the folder resource […]

2.0: Organize all resources in an Ebook

Applications: Is your Google Drive getting messy and organize with a lot of folder and files, including files and folders that share with you. Even managed to keep folders and file organized, the folders and files are numerically and alphabetically arranged. You have little control of the organization. It is even more time-consuming when you […]

7.0: Create Assignment for WASC with Google Slide

Applications: Collect data and work from teachers for WASC could be a complex process. Our FREE solution will simplify and streamline the process for your WASC team and teachers. Integrated with the Gradebook, administrators can identify struggling teachers to provide support, and their teachers can make recommended changes at any time. Part 1: Create an […]

03-Collaboration and Support within PLC or throughout your school.

Ask a Question using a forum. Why? Collaboration through email is confusing and messy because our inboxes have a lot of random emails. Also, the questions are only visible to selected people. Using a PLC course, all staff will see the questions, and they answer them quickly with media-rich content. Other teachers join in the […]