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Solve the problems of addictions to cellphone and social media at homes, in schools, and in classrooms to transforms culture and relationships. A low-tech and easy solution to eliminate distraction due to cellphone and reinvent schoolwide discipline and culture.

How Schools STOP Cyberbullying & Fights in Schools

Did you know most school fights involve cyberbullying or social media? Are you tired of seeing students recording students fighting instead of stopping it? Teens’ addiction to cell phones is only a tiny part of the problem. Thier misuse of cell phones and social media is a growing social and health crisis in most schools. […]

How We Reduce Most Classroom Management Problems.

Did you know most classroom management problems involve cell phones? Are you tired of asking students to put their phones away? You are not alone. Many teachers across the country are losing the battle of cell phones in their classes daily. When we asked our students to pick the main reason why they failed our […]

How We Create Equitable Learning Setting

Did you know most secondary teachers have an average of 35 students in a class or a total of 165 students? Did you know most teachers give up enforcing cell-phone policies in their classes? Did you know most teachers do not want to refer students to administrators? Did you know school administrators have so many […]

How Teachers/Admins STOP the Same Students Breaking the Rules Repeatedly.

Repeated Students Are you tired of seeing the same students in your offices? Did you know most guardians of high-risk students have little impact on their children’s behaviors? Did you know high-risk students do not care much about grades, class suspensions, school suspensions, parent calls, detentions, counseling, and other disciplinary consequences? When school do not […]