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Dive into the captivating realm of shapes and spaces without spending a penny. Our “FREE Geometry Resources” category is a dedicated hub, unveiling a rich array of tools and materials that elucidate the fundamental and advanced concepts of geometry. From the basics of angles, polygons, and circles to the complexities of three-dimensional figures and coordinate geometry, these resources are crafted to provide clarity and depth. Perfect for students, educators, or anyone with a keen interest in geometric principles, this free collection is designed to bring the world of geometry right to your fingertips. Embark on a geometric adventure and explore the art and science of space with our top-notch resources!

Geometry Curriculum

UNIT 1: Constructions and Rigid Transformations Geometry 1.1 Constructions: Learning basic geometric constructions using a compass and straightedge.Common Core Standards: G-CO.D.12 Geometry 1.2 Rigid Transformations: Exploring transformations that preserve distance and angle measures.Common Core Standards: G-CO.A.2 Geometry 1.3 Evidence and…