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Blended Learning is the process of incorporating technology to enhance traditional classrooms. However, our blended learning focuses on empowering teaching equity to provide learning equity for all students. We are here to help and share Blended Learning strategies to empower teaching equity to provide all learning equity for all students.

Three essential components of building an effective hybrid/distance learning programs

Teaching through distance learning is different, and distance learning is an essential component of hybrid learning. Trying to teaching students through distance learning the same teaching strategies and tools that work for an in-person class will not work. For example, when giving direct instruction to students through a video-communication platform, it is hard to engage […]

Adaptive and Comprehensive Gradebook for Hybrid or Distance Learning

According to Schunk and Mullen in John Hattie’s Visible Learning: Guide to Students Achievement, they assert that “perception of progress builds self-efficacy and sustain motivation” (p.41). This statement simplifies the significance of having a meaningful and comprehensive gradebook that allows students to track their progress and improve. Before the pandemic, we interact with students daily to […]

24/7 hybrid and distance learning online support

Providing all students meaningful support through hybrid or distance learning can be challenging. Fewer students are participating in live interaction, and students ask the same questions over and over again. Teachers cannot provide one-to-one support like they are in class. Students are also afraid to ask questions during a live online interaction when they know […]

Personalized Hybrid Direct Instruction with Zoom and Google Meets Secret Strategies

Most online video communications audio and video quality are often minimal, and it’s challenging for teachers to deliver high-quality and engaging direct instruction. Teachers often have to repeat it multiple times. When teachers are writing on a screen to show to students, it is almost illegible for students, especially for primary-grade students. However, we came […]

How does technology empower teachers to enhance and support students’ learning?

One of the many costly mistakes that make schools or districts did was briefly training teachers on many different technologies.The process is time-consuming and overwhelming for teachers, especially for teachers who are not proficient in using today’s technology. “On average, 67% of educational software products go unused… In some districts, up to 90% of purchased […]

Streamline and Redefine Grading

Blending Traditional and Standard-Based: Grading With an Intention to Teach Traditional grading methods often use grading as a way to reward or punish students. However, the current proposed standard-based grading does not seem to hold students accountable for their learning and work. As teachers, we need to redefine the purpose of grading. Traditionally, grading is […]