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59% of U.S. teens have been bullied or harassed online

A majority of teens are addicted to cellphones, but they have been the target of cyberbullying. In-person instruction post COVID’s lockdown will face many new challenges. Distraction due to cellphone will emerge as they underlying cause for many behavioral and academic: Cyberbullying School fights Depression and Anxiety Drug ( mainly marijuana) High Failure Rates increase […]

Did You Know Girls are More Anxious, Lonely, and Upset Without Their Phones?

As educators, we have always been concerning about learning inequity between boys and girls in STEM However, the data from Pew Research Center below shows that girls feel more anxious, lonely, and upset when they do not have their cellphone. This data reveals a hidden and dangerous issue about the impact of cellphone’s addiction on […]

Most teens are addicted to social media.

Social media has become a part of our daily lives. However, are we ready for the unexpected consequences of addiction to social media? Pew Research Center’s recent survey shows that “44 of teens often check their phones as soon as they wake up”. Our teens are addicted to social media. A closer look at the […]

20 Reasons to DII with Quiz instead of Interactive Video.

What are the main benefits of creating an Interactive Video embedded with questions? Teachers can disable skipping to prevent from skipping forward. Is it impactful? Initially, we thought it was. However, data of students’ learning outcomes on both formal and informal assessments show it has little impact on high-risk students. We observed high-risk students only […]

No More Typing Short URL or link

Current Challenges: Many teachers still share resources by asking students to enter a short URL or a link. It is a tedious process, and many students have problems because it is case-sensitive or students type incorrectly. Overview of the solution: Create a URL resource, so students only have to click on the link to […]