Audio/Video recording Activity with Free Screencastify Apps

Measurable Objective
: Promote authentic learning through transparency, individual accountability, and MTSS.

Challenges of having group discussion in Distance, Hybrid, or In-person learning setting.

  1. Social Distancing among all students and a teacher make it challenging for students to participate auditorily and kinesthetically.

Overview of the solution:

Students will use Free Screencastify to record their audio or video to presents their ideas and findings. Screencastify allows students to record and edit their work, and students will upload it to their Google Drive. Lastly, students only need to submit the Share link of their work.

  1. Create an Assignment:
    1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic/section
    2. Click on Turn editing on.
    3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
    4. Select Assignment from Activities
    5. Enter a name
    6. Enter an instruction with directions and link(s) to your Google file.
    7. Under Availability, only check Due Dates and select your due date, so it will be count toward students’ overall grades.
    8. Under Submission types, only check Online text
    9. Under Grade, enter the total point in Maximum grade, keep Simple direct grading, select the correct Grade category (very important), and enter a grade to pass (optional).
    10. Click Save and return to the course
  2. Students will record their video using Screencastify or other Apps of their choice. Then, they would upload their final product on Google Drive and submit the Share link of their work on

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