Accountable Class Discussion with Feedback.

Measurable Objective: Promote authentic learning through transparency, individual accountability, and MTSS.


Many online apps for surveys and forms are very limited and do not give teachers full autonomy of how content are displayed to all students. For examples, students could enter a fake names and poste inappropriate content, but the teachers cannot identify the students or even the content.

Step-by-step solution:

Overview: We create a feedback activity that allows teachers to collect students’ input anonymously or with students’ names. The teacher can decide to show students data in real-time or at a particular time. Even with anonymous mode, a teacher can delete any inappropriate content easily.

  1. On the Main Course page, go to your desired topic
  2. Click on Turn editing on.
  3. On your desired topic, click on Add an activity or resource
  4. Select Feedback from Activity
  5. Enter a name
  6. Under Availability, set the start and end date and time. Note: It is open to all groups at the same time. However, you can restrict to one or more groups, so you can manually control when it is open to a group of students. This prevents later periods to complete the activity earlier. Also, you can sort students’ inputs by a particular group/period.
    1. Under Restrict access, click Add restriction >> Group
    2. Select “Student must not match the following” (Why? When we are ready to assign to a particular group/period, we would go in and delete the group. In MS/HS, we have to do for each period.)
    3. Click Add restriction to add other groups.
  7. Under Question and submission settings, you can choose to be Anonymous or with a User’s name.
  8. Click Save and display

Create one or more questions

  1. Click on the Edit questions tab
  2. You can add different content and different questions to create an engaging and thorough feedback survey.  Different data from different types of questions will allow a teacher to facilitate a more meaningful conversation.
  3. Repeat step 2 to add more questions or other content.
  4. Done

Pro Tips: If you have complex descriptions, such as a video, audio, informational text, or other media, provide the description of the feedback’s activities instead of using Information of Label.

Manually control when students can access it:

  1. Under Restrict access, click on Add restriction
  2. Change to Student must not match the following (Why? Students in the group cannot access the resources or activity until the teacher deletes the group from the restrictions.)
  3. select the group.
  4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 to add more groups.
  5. Note: For MS/HS, the teacher would delete the group to allow students in that group to access the resources or activity. For TK-6, you just delete the group to allow your students to access it.

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