Many other programs only focus on theoretical aspects, and they often leave educators in the same place. As current science teachers, we co-founded Win Elements LLC to empower today’s teachers and school leaders to solve schools’ problems with a holistic approach driven by evidence, transparency, practicality, and collaboration.

For example, education training or conferences often filled with inspirational stories but have little practical substance. They only serve as a brief burst of motivation, but they do not provide any practical and measurable solution for educators facing the problems. More importantly, these momentary bursts of enthusiasm quickly dissipate when the reality of their real challenges in their schools and classroom. Worst, some even blame educators for the existence or exasperation of the problems. Likewise, they do not provide educators with any practical and sustainable technology, tool, or resources to solve them—it like asking our students to build a house without giving them any tools or knowledge.

Working with many old and new teachers since 2010, we learn that similar challenges and problems in schools and classrooms continue to exist, or even exasperated. In most cases, the problems and so-called solutions are re-labeled with different names and acronyms.

As current educators, we work with today’s educators to tackle the underlining causes of the problems. Instead of focusing on analyzing educational theories, we work with teachers to apply educational research to solve today’s educators’ current challenges. Most importantly, we also provide educators with all the essential technology, tools, resources, and step-by-step strategies to mediate the underlying causes of the problems.

For example, we provide educators a Learning Management System website, ready-to-use activities/resources, step-by-step training, personalize online support. Altogether, educators will solve their problems with measurable outcomes while saving them a lot of time, money, headache, and paper. Most importantly, educators will continue to own their work even they move to a different school or district, so they don’t have to re-create their activities and resources all over again.