50 Common Kitchen Equipment

  1. Apron: Worn to protect clothing from spills and splatters.
  2. Baking Dish: For oven-based recipes like casseroles or brownies.
  3. Baking Sheet or Tray: Used for baking or roasting.
  4. Blender: For blending, mixing, or pureeing foods.
  5. Box Grater: For grating food items.
  6. Bread Knife: Designed to slice bread without crushing it.
  7. Can Opener: For opening canned goods.
  8. Casserole Dish: A deep dish for baking and serving casseroles.
  9. Chef’s Knife: Multi-purpose knife for chopping, dicing, and slicing.
  10. Coffee Maker: For brewing coffee.
  11. Colander: For draining liquids from food.
  12. Cooking Timer: To keep track of cooking time.
  13. Cooktop or Stove: Where you cook using pots and pans.
  14. Cutting Board: Provides a surface for food prep.
  15. Dutch Oven: A heavy, covered pot for slow cooking.
  16. Frying Pan or Skillet: For sautéing and frying.
  17. Funnel: Helps transfer liquids without spilling.
  18. Garlic Press: For mincing garlic.
  19. Grill Pan: Gives food a grilled appearance without an outdoor grill.
  20. Hand Mixer: A handheld tool for mixing ingredients.
  21. Ice Cream Scoop: For serving ice cream.
  22. Juicer: Extracts juice from fruits.
  23. Kettle: For boiling water.
  24. Kitchen Scissors: Useful for multiple purposes, from cutting herbs to opening packages.
  25. Ladle: For scooping and serving liquids.
  26. Masher: For mashing foods like potatoes.
  27. Measuring Cups: For volume measurements of ingredients.
  28. Measuring Spoons: For smaller volume measurements.
  29. Microwave Oven: Quickly cooks or reheats food.
  30. Mixing Bowls: Containers for preparing ingredients.
  31. Mixing Spoon: Used for stirring.
  32. Muffin Tin: For baking muffins or cupcakes.
  33. Oven: For baking, roasting, and broiling.
  34. Oven Mitts: Protects hands when handling hot items.
  35. Paring Knife: For peeling and precision cuts.
  36. Peeler: Removes skin from fruits and veggies.
  37. Pepper Mill or Grinder: Freshly grinds peppercorns.
  38. Pizza Cutter: Wheel-shaped knife for slicing pizza.
  39. Pot: Used for boiling or simmering.
  40. Potato Peeler: Specifically designed for peeling potatoes.
  41. Rolling Pin: Flattens dough.
  42. Salad Spinner: Dries washed lettuce or greens.
  43. Saucepan: Smaller pot for sauces or small quantities.
  44. Sieve or Strainer: Filters solids from liquids.
  45. Spatula: Used for flipping or scraping.
  46. Stand Mixer: An appliance for mixing, kneading, and whipping.
  47. Thermometer: Checks food temperature.
  48. Toaster: Browns slices of bread.
  49. Tongs: Grasps and serves food.
  50. Whisk: Mixes and incorporates air into liquids.
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