How Schools Support Parents with Safe Pouch

schools support parents with safe pouch

Many schools tried to have community outreach programs or events, but most have few long-term benefits for their parents. For example, they have after-school training or assembly for parents that often only attract involved parents.

Safe Pouch® proactively supports parents at home. Schools can lend out Blue Safe and a magnet to parents to support students at home. The cost is low, but it immediately empowers those parents at home.

Safe Pouch® proactively and immediately empowers parents at home

safe pouch support parents at home
Safe Pouch support parents at home

Currently, many parents rely on grounding their children or confiscating their children’s things. Safe Pouch® allows parents to create a positive and consistent learning setting at home. When their children are studying, they will pouch students’ phones in a Blue Safe Pouch®, and their children can still listen to music, charge the phone, answer calls, or make calls. These physical expectations remind both students and their parents to make sure students have done their homework and physically force parents to be more involved with their children’s learning. Most parents would love this because it empowers them while creating opportunities to communicate with their children about their children’s schools before it is too late. Likewise, many parents would make sure their children don’t use a cellphone at night when they are asleep by pouching up their children’s phones every night.

Nonetheless, parents feel safe knowing that their children can access and answer their calls or make calls during an emergency due to Safe Pouch’s innovative design.

Safe Pouch® create opportunities for parennts to communicate with their children about their children

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