How Cell Phones Improve Achievement Gaps

Cell phone addiction starts at very early ages.

Many educators do not fully understand the impact of cell phones on students’ achievement. They think a cell phone is just a learning distraction. They think cell phones worsen achievement gaps Most of a teacher’s energy and time are dedicated to delivering instruction and enforcing class expectations and routines. However, there are too many students on their cell phones every day. Worst, students are good at hiding it too. Trying to enforce cell phone policies in a classroom is disruptive, frustrating, and meaningless because there are just too many. Also, writing referrals or calling parents only work for a few days. When teachers write referrals, administrators take many days.

All children can be addicted to cell phones

Unfortunately, most teachers only see cell phones as the problem. If we step back and think outside the box, cell phones are critical parts of the solutions to solve many problems in today’s schools.

As a teacher, I invented Safe Pouch NOT to my schools or classroom phone-free, but it is the teaching tool for teachers, administrators, parents to transform education.

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