How Schools Drastically Reduce Cyberbullying and Bullying with Safe Pouch.

How to stop bullying and cyberbullying in schools.

To stop bullying and cyberbullying in schools, we need to understand that cyberbullying is a worse form of bullying that is streamlined by today’s technology. If schools can stop cyberbullying, they also drastically stop bullying.

What is cyberbullying?

Unlike offline bullying, cyberbullying can happen 24/7 and anywhere. Most students are not even aware that they are cyberbullied by their peers until it is too late. Cell phones and social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram make it easier for bullies to hurt others. Online cyberbullying continues to inflict physical and emotional pain on the victims even when they are not in schools.

Where does cyberbullying take place?

Bullies use cell phones, computers, tablets, or smart devices to post and share harmful text, images, or videos to bully their victims. Unlike in-person bullying, cyberbullying does not stop when the bullying is over; instead, it get worse over time. It goes viral to thousands or even millions of viewers.

Common social media platforms that people use to cyberbully others are:

Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok
Messaging apps
Online forums, chat rooms, and message boards

Negative Effects of Bullying and Cyberbullying

  • Not doing well at school
  • Afraid to go to schools
  • Asking or stealing parents’ money
  • Being defiant and disruptive in schools
  • Not accepted by their peers
  • Develop mental health problems
  • Self-harm

Who is at risk of bullying and cyberbullying?

All children and even adults can be victims of cyberbullying. However, young teens are common victims of cyberbullying because they are most active on social media. Teens are cyberbullied because of their:

  • Appearances
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Mistakes
  • Physical or mental disability

Can school afford to ignore cyberbullying and bullying?

Yes, but for how long? Schools would see students hate going to schools, and more school fights occur. Worst, a horrible tragedy is waiting to occur.

What specific tool and implementation can stop bullying and cyberbullying in schools?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but an effective solution is not a motivational speech or a great PowerPoint presentation that you can quickly download or share. You have probably looking for “FREE” solutions that you can make copies of or train your staff “how-to”. However, those “FREE” solutions end up wasting your school’s money and teachers’ time with little positive impact or other backlashes.

The solution is not simple as banning cell phones in schools or having strict cell phone policies. Likewise, it’s foolish to think that we can talk to students to use technology appropriately. Schools often try to have impractical interventions programs like presentations or hot-line programs that neither support the victims nor punish the bully. It is just something to check the boxes.

How Safe Pouch Stop cyberbullying and Bullying Immediately with Measurable Outcomes

One key ingredient is using students’ cellphone and social media identity and addiction. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs shows cell phones are now part of students’ daily lives. With Safe Pouch, we can use it as the most effective incentive to improve students’ behaviors.

Safe Pouch® tackles the problems by addressing all different aspects of cyberbullying in schools and at home. Cyberbullying only occurs when a bully sends a message to many receivers, and the receiver can receive and engage with the message. Safe Pouch® makes it impossible for both. Even a bully attempt to send the message somehow, the message would not reach other students during classes. Schools have strict cell phone policies and harsh consequences with Safe Pouch so students will not misuse themselves in classes. In the end, no one gives the bully any attention, and it is pointless to send a message that no one cares. Orange Safe Pouch® is a proactive MTSS Tier 2 and 3 consequence that removes the technology that bullies use to cyberbullying or bully other students. Furthermore, most bullies are addicted to attention and their cell phones, so the Orange Safe Pouch would enforce both consequences easily and effectively.
Another critical problem is that most students would run to school fights to record and share them on social media. This is a common and dangerous form of cyberbullying that has long-term impacts on the victims because anything shared on social media is there forever. It would destroy those students’ future forever and ruin a school’s reputation. Students who fought would return to school either feeling embarrassed or emboldened. Saturday schools, school suspensions, or similar consequences do not impact these students. Schools may need to pouch these students’ phones in Orange Pouches for many school days to remind the students not to fight again or be involved in any future fight.

In the end, the bullies are harshly punished for the harmful actions, but the consequences do remove students from their learning settings. Instead, they are labeled with an Orange Safe Pouch for their peers to see. Of course, the students may choose to hide in their backpacks.

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