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As current teachers, we also skeptical when any programs promise to save teachers and school money when they promoting us to purchase a product or a service. Through this article, we will show you how we will save your teachers and school a lot of money every year.

How much schools spent yearly on teacher professional development?

It costs about $1500-$2000 per teacher or staff to attend any long-distance conference. Each conference charge about $400-500 per participant, but most the expenses are expenses of travel and hotels. On average, a high school would send about 10-15 staff to attend different long-distance conference each year, costing school about $20,000 annually.

Schools also have on-site professional development that trains all staff. The primary costs of this type of training are for paying substitutes and trainers’ fees. However, it also costs valuable instructional time because teachers and staff are trained during school days. On average, most schools pay $120 – $150 per substitute per day. Also, a consultant or trainer charges about $1500-$2000 per session. Assuming only half of your staff are trained for multiple days, it could cost your school $20,000 – $30,000 per year.

However, the most important we have to ask is: Do the professional developments produce any quantitative data of positive measurable outcomes and encourage individual teachers’ accountability?

We understand that providing teachers’ on-going professional development is essential, and our solution will empower schools to streamline teachers’ professional development effectively with little cost. Most important, schools will have measurable data and outcomes to monitor and evaluate each teacher’s engagements and improvement to provide each teacher with meaningful support.

How do we save your school money and how much it cost your school?

Most professional development trainings focus on a broad topics or strategies to target a broad audience of teachers with different roles or teach at different grade levels or subjects. However, our online training are narrowly focused on each grade level and subject, so teachers can immediately implement the strategies in their classes. Facilitate by our online classes with step-by-step videos and pdf guides, we work with each teacher to support each teacher’s needs to teach specific subject to a specific groups of students.

Most professional development training charge schools even teachers are not satisfied with it. It is a 100% non-refundable fee, plus hidden-fees, that schools have to pay in advance. However, we do not charge schools in advance, and your school only pays when their teachers are satisfied and continue to use our services. As current teachers, we trust our fellow educators. Most importantly, teachers will have access and support for the remainder of their teaching careers. Because it is all online, there are no hidden expenses, and teachers do not waste their valuable instructional time.

Image of our Essential Training Course

Most importantly, school leaders will have measurable data on the outcomes of teachers implementing the strategies and tools from the training. Altogether, it encourages individual accountability for all teachers while allowing school leaders to work with specific teachers to provide individualized support.

How much do schools spend yearly on paper, printing, ink, consumable goods, and related services?

On average, it cost the school $0.10 to print a color page or $0.01 to print a black-white page. A high school would spend about $15,000- $25,000 annually on materials and maintenance services related to printing and copying documents. A high school teacher who makes a copy per student per day would make (165 x 5 = 825) about 825 sheets per week or (825 x 4 = 3300) 3300 sheets per month. An entire school of about 100 teachers would wast 330,000 per month. Of course, this calculation is based on the lowest estimated number. Some teachers make multiple worksheets per student per day. Financially, it could be sustainable, but it is not environmentally.

Wait! Many of your schools already using online platforms already. At first, we also make a similar assumption; however, we later learn that many teachers refuse to convert everything to online because they find it is too difficult or it lack the benefits (accountability, academic integrity) of paper-and-pencil.

How we save your school money and how much it cost your school?

As current teachers who have been implementing solutions we propose to you, we have reduced our printing and usage of paper by 80-95%. During most weeks, we do not make any copy. Instead, each of our school has $0.50 composition notebook what they will use for an entire year. Over 95% of the documents of our activities are delivered online.

A screen shot of our chemistry class delivered via distance learning

However, the key to our solution is not substituting paper-and-pencil tasks with electronic copies; rather, we completely redefine the tasks to be more engaging, personalized, and streamlined. Altogether, both teachers and students gain the immediate benefits of such transformation.

Adaptive assessment with instant feedback
Student’s view of online gradebook.

About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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