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As current teachers, we co-founded Win Elements LLC to empower teachers to make a difference. Our FREE Essential accounts will include all essential tools for any teachers to implement Blended instruction effectively. Any teachers who support our cause will help to support us financially. Most of the fees are for expensive host fees and other operating costs.

Screenshot of our Monthly costs to serve 13 Teachers (It does not include $1000s of pre-paid fees)

Thank your support in advance.


To secure your teacher’s and students’ privacy, we invest in creating private servers on Secured Amazon AWS Cloud. Only users with your district Google Accounts can register. It is 100% FREE. Our mission is to empower today’s educators to make a difference, and we trust benefits educators will support us financially when they gain the benefits from our services.

♡ Unlimited Number of Courses

We will create as many courses that a teacher has in a current regular academic school year, excluding Summer and after school classes. Unlike other websites, we strategize so teachers can reset, edit, and re-use the course again for the rest of their teaching career. The course will be a growing dynamic tool that teachers use daily to provide learning equity.

♡ Unlimited Enrollments of Students

Teachers can enroll as many students as needed based on their current academic enrollment.

♡ Pre-set and Ready-to-Use Course

We pre-set your courses so that you can use them to create activities and build resources with little stress for any teachers with any technical background.

♡ Step-by-Step Online Training and Support

Online training courses with step-by-step videos and pdf guides. Teachers can get 24/7 community support and personalized one-on-one support.

♡ Auto-updated & Comprehensive Gradebook

An auto-updated and comprehensive online gradebook that allows students to self-assess and make up missing work or re-attempt to improve their grades at students’ convenience. Premium Options

♡ Full Control of Organization of Activities and Resources, Gradebook, and Questions Banks

The independent controls of different tasks

altogether, it allows teachers to have full control over the organization of their courses to allow students to use the website easily.

♡ Create More Content with Visual Text Editor

Essential WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Text Editor offers a visual editor for teachers and students to communicate with text and media-rich content consisting of images, YouTube Videos, Videos from Google Drive or One Drive, or any online Files.

♡ Equation and Formula Visual Text Editor

Essential WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Text Editor offers a visual editor to enter editable math equations or scientific formulas. Integrated with other online editors such as Desmos, Geogebra, or other online tools; teachers and students can communicate complex mathematical and scientific concepts easily.

♡ Streamline Assessments, Feedback, & MTSS

Create adaptive and auto-graded assessments that provide students instant feedback. Students can retry questions for partial credit. Students can also re-attempt to improve their grades. Teachers can decide based on their preferences. Teachers can provide personalized MTTS and accommodation with just a few clicks.

♡ Questions and Resource Banks

Combining with Visual Text Editor and +13 Types of questions, teachers can create different types of questions and resources that are similar or more rigorous than high-stake tests. Teachers can use and re-use for unlimited activities.

♡ Schedule by Periods and Individual Students (Premium)

Schedule specific dates and times for particular groups of students, and secure with a password to protect your assessments. Teachers can provide additional accommodations and support for each student with just a few clicks.

♡ Upload File Size 5 Mbs and Unlimited Storage (Premium)

Increase upload of a file with size up to 5 MBs and unlimited storage. Warning: The large file will have very slow loading times for all students. This allows teachers to create media-rich activities and resources to engage students.

♡ Download and Share Questions and Resource Banks (Premium )

Teachers, within a school or across a district, can collaborate to create and share questions bank and resources that teachers can customize to meet their needs. It will only take a few clicks to share or use shared resources.

♡ Streamline Assignments

Save time by streamlining assignment tasks with centralized locations for assignment, collecting, grading, provide interactive feedback communication, and auto-updating grades in Gradebook.

♡ Grading with Rubrics (Premium)

Enhance Assignment activity with Rubrics to create performance tasks or assessments that are grade with online Rubrics. Teachers can use one of our templates or make their own templates. Teachers can share templates with other teachers easily to help facilitate common assessments throughout a school or throughout a district.

♡ Interactive Video Embedded with Auto-graded questions with instant feedback. (Premium)

Convert any YouTube videos into interactive activity embedded with different auto-graded questions that provide instant feedback. Question types include open-ended numerical, short-answers, multiple choices, drag and drop, multiple-parts questions, and more. Students cannot skip forward, but they can re-attempt for higher grades. Teachers can record their own videos and use them to redefine their direct instructions.

♡ Collect Feedback Anonymously or with Students’ Names

Create engaging surveys to collect students’ feedback anonymously or with students’ names. Data are organized for teachers to access and share with students with tables and graphs in a single place in real-time. Teachers can also control when to show or hide results to students. Likewise, teachers can also delete any students’ inappropriate answers.

♡ Hide Video Conference Links

Hide and restrict Video Conferencing links, and students can launch in just one click. This prevents students from viewing and sharing the link easily, and it prevents possible video-bombing.

Have Students Take Their Attendance and Maintain Comprehensive Records

Teachers have students submit their own attendance daily, and their attendance is automatically graded. Teachers have comprehensive reports of all students’ data.

♡ Create a 24/7 Online Support Forum

Save teachers time and streamline 24/7 support by allowing ask questions in one place, and a teacher or other students can answer using WYSIWYG Text Editor to provide a meaningful and media-rich answer. The students and other students can reply and interactive with each other to continue the discussion.

♡ Online Discussion

Engage students in an interactive online discussion using WYSIWYG Visual Text Editor. This will be a safe alternative means for teachers to allow students to collaborate safely. Students can add images, videos, and other online media to communicate their thoughts.

♡ Grading Forum and Discussion

Encourage online discussion to promote interactive and rich discussion among students by grading students’ posts and provide feedback.

♡ Online Book

Organize all online resources into an organized Online Book, so they can access them easily and quickly in one place.

♡ Web Page

Create a content-rich webpage using a visual editor, and it is only accessible by students in your classes.

♡ Create a Static Announcement

Create a static announcement or poster using Visual Text Editor to make important announcements or recognize students. Include images, video, links, and other media.

♡ Upload File and Share Directly (Premium)

Don’t have to pre-uploaded it to Google Drive or One Drive, teachers can upload worksheets directly for students to access without doing extra steps of sharing files.

♡ Create Folders and Upload Multiple Files and Directly (Premium)

Create folders and upload files in organized folders to store and access essential files quickly. Also, your files are changed when you upload to Google Drive or One Drive. However, we recommend you use Online Book instead because it is faster for students, and it is more flexible and easier to edit and organize content.

About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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