Maintain a Safe and Positive Learning Setting

Many new teachers think that affective classroom management is about being consistent and assertive while enforcing clear classroom expectations and routines. They often focus on managing their students’ behaviors.

However, the core component of maintaining a safe and positive learning environment requires teachers to look beyond managing students’ behaviors. Instead, a successful teacher prioritizes creating lessons that engage students.

According to Schunk and Mullen in John Hattie’s Visible Learning: Guide to Students Achievement, they assert that “perception of progress builds self-efficacy and sustain motivation” (p.41).

When students are confident that they can learn, they are also motivated to learn. However, struggling students who do have immediate support will give up and disrupt other students.

Using traditional teaching pedagogies, it is almost impossible for teachers to help all students to build a perception of progress and self-efficacy. Teachers take too long to grade or to provide any timely and meaningful feedback, so students do not see any progress from their daily effort until their grades are updated a few weeks later. At the same time, most students do know if their answers are correct or incorrect.

Instead of wasting your times on discussion common classroom management mistakes, we will share with you a simple solution to create a safe and positive learing setting for all students.

Step 1: Redefine activities with technology to provide instant feedback and allow students to retry for partial credits.

This process is the most time-consuming step, how its benefits are above and beyond classroom management. You read how teachers save time and money while increase students’ engagement here. Below, we will look at how interactive practices with immediate feedback help each student “[perceive progress and] builds self-efficacy and sustain motivation” at their pace.

Instant feedback build students’ confidence and self-efficacy to learn from mistakes.

Providing student instant feedback affects more than students’ grades and achievement, but it affect students emotionally. At their paces, the positive instant feedback of correct answers re-assure students that they have master the content and allow students to perceive progress in real-time. In our class, students would find the time in the class flying by quickly because they are too busy enjoying the the positive feedback. Likewise, instant feedback of incorrect answers is equally important for student emotionally. Because students can retry for partial credit, they are not afraid to learn and collaborate with their peers to learn from their mistakes. Consequently, are motivated to work with their peers and learn to be part of the class they face any challenging questions. More importantly, see the changes in their grades as they put more effort in learning.

Student can see which part of their answer is correct or incorrect.

Furthermore, instant feedback is even more powerful when integrated in direct instruction. In our classes, we redefine our teacher-driven instruction with student-centered instruction model using our self-made video and Learning Management System website.

In a teacher-centered instruction model, the teacher control pace of all students’ learning; more importantly, all students are learning passively. Our student-centered instructional model empowers students to be active learners. Using our learning management system website, fundamentally redefine how we deliver and engage students based on the three components:

  • Replace lectures with the teacher’s self-recorded instructional videos.
  • Their teacher’s involvement in making the videos.
  • Focused and Guided notes: While students watch the video at their pace, they copy and write their own notes.
  • Prevent Skipping: Using our Learning Management System website, we prevent students from skipping forward, so it forces students to watch the entire videos.
  • Embedded Interactive Questions: Using our Learning Management System website, we embedded different types of interactive and auto-graded questions to engage and assess students’ understanding. We walk around to facilitate and support students based on each students’ needs.

Note: You can read how Interactive Video Activities is a key component of creating a Modern Blended Instruction.

All of our chemistry videos are produced by us even only one of us is the main narrator (actor) in all, or most of, videos.

Anonymous Feedback from Students.

Of course, it would be biased if only make claims about impact of strategies using only our own interpretation. Our students and their parents wanted to share their experiences with others. You can read feedback from students here.

Just to illustrated, we would like to share one our many students’ feedback below:

“Mr. Nguyen’s teaching strategies support my individual needs because everything is very well explained and our practice quizzes help us grow a deeper understanding of every topic it is we are learning. We are provided with learning equity because everybody is able to go at their own pace, Mr. Nguyen provides us with more than enough time to complete each assignment and we are all given the same extra chances to re-do any assignments we have done poorly on. He delivers high-quality learning by providing us with engaging videos in which we have to answer questions as we are watching to make sure we are paying attention. I know I will be successful in this class to the way it is structured, I have an A in this class and that is because of the outstanding material we are provided with by Mr. Nguyen to help us be better students and gain knowledge each and every day.”

“Mr. Nguyen’s teaching strategies have impacted my education, and learning abilities in a very positive way. The teaching methods have supported me as a student because they allow me to go at my own pace, and revisit lessons I need extra help on. I enjoy the way that we are taught in class a lot. The videos help me understand and learn at my own pace. The videos allow us students to review them at any time we need to, which is great during distance learning. The 24/7 Question and Answer Forum is also a huge help. It allows me to feel supported as a student. The forum is a great tool to use, especially when you need extra help after the Zoom meetings are over. Although there have been some technical difficulties with the online videos and assignments, there has always been a high quality for the teaching and curriculum in this class.”

Overall, we integrate today’s technology to gradually release students to be active owners of their learning progress and outcomes.

About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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