Second Day Teaching with Distance Learning

Challenges and Mistakes

My second-day teaching with distance continue to surprise us with new challenges. Below are challenges we experience or shared by other teachers from their second day of teaching with distance learning.

  • Students do not want to show their faces or talk during live sessions. We cannot force students to turn their cameras or talk during the live sessions, but we can create a learning environment that students fell more invited, safer, and welcome. One mistake that some teachers made is forcing students to talk during live sessions; consequently, students feel unsafe and stop attending the live sessions.
  • Not all students have access to the same internet. Many students are constantly disconnected from the live sessions, and they have to rejoin the live sessions multiple times. Therefore, many teachers who rely on the video-communication to deliver their direct instruction soon learn that they have to reteach the content over and over again. Worst, some teachers opt to abandon teaching any advanced concepts and replace them with other non-academic activities. Over time, students get bored of similar social-emotional learning activities.


  • Deliver direct instruction with interactive video activities with embedded questions that auto-graded and recorded in the online gradebook. For example, I record a brief video that teaches students step-by-step how to create a Google Drive folder for my class and a Google Doc for Unit 1 Notebook. Over 95% of my students completed the tasks explained in the video, and I am able to provide one-on-one support for remaining students.
  • Use quizzes from a Learning Management System website instead of Google Forms or Hyper-docs. Using the right Learning Management System website, like the one we use for our classes, we can turn any worksheets into adaptive assessments that auto-graded and provided students with instant feedback. All of my students’ responses, grades, and attempts are recorded in their online gradebook. This saves us so much grading time. Most importantly, it creates active learning experiences for all students. Likewise, it promotes student accountability while allowing teachers to provide individualized support.
About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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