Design Distance Learning Task With Engagement in Mind

Boredom has an effect size of -0.47.

According to John Hattie, learning opportunities are lost when students are bored. The size effect is -0.47 when students are bored. When teachers assign tasks that are designed to keep students busy, but minds are off, they create dull learning experiences for students. These teaching strategies may work for in-person instruction; however, it will not work for distance learning. Assigning students boring tasks will negatively impact students’ learning by shaping students to have a negative view of the school.

Promote student accountability.

According to John Hattie, students’ self-reported grades have the highest size effect on students’ learning, excluding collective self-efficacy. However, past studies defined self-reported definition as most of today’s education technology is not available. Nevertheless, one key component of self-reported grades is student accountability.

When we design our distance learning tasks, we need to design tasks that promote student self-reported grades and student accountability. Using the right Learning Management System website and effective blended teaching strategies, we can design distance learning tasks that provide students instant feedback. Also, students can retry the question for partial credit

Create interactive and adaptive learning activities

Unlike paper worksheets or digital works (hyperdocs), adaptive activities can turn busy tasks into fun games. For example, I have my students learn all the names and formulas of common polyatomic ions. It would be a very dull task if we assign students to make flashcards to learn it. Instead, we create adaptive practices that allow students to learn and self-asses their learning at their paces. Some students also compete with their friends to see who can memorize the polyatomic ions first.

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