Three essential components of building an effective hybrid/distance learning programs

Teaching through distance learning is different, and distance learning is an essential component of hybrid learning. Trying to teaching students through distance learning the same teaching strategies and tools that work for an in-person class will not work. For example, when giving direct instruction to students through a video-communication platform, it is hard to engage students or determine if students are participating. Given the challenges with microphones, internet connection, and background noise, and other distractions, teachers cannot provide high-quality instruction like face-to-face instruction.

However, there are easy and practical strategies and tools that teachers can make distance teaching distance learning effective and make distance learning fun for all students. The flowchart summarizes the essential components of an effective hybrid or distance learning program.

The most important tool that all teachers must have is a teachers-driven and flexible Learning Management website, in addition to Google Classroom and Google Drive. The LMS website is the most crucial foundation of any successful hybrid or distance learning programs. Only when teachers have the right foundation can they start planning, collaborating, and building meaningful and engaging resources and activities for distance learning. Having a robust Learning Management System website is like having a classroom for a teacher and students. However, many teachers often refuse to learn how to use a Learning Management System website because they know that they may not have it. Therefore, another challenge for students to implement an effective hybrid or distance learning program is to inspire and trains teachers to use the website.

Another important factor is coming with distance learning strategies that allow teachers to collaborate and create resources that they can use to enhance their in-person instructions when this pandemic is over. When teachers realize that they can use the website and resources they have created in the future, they will be more invested in creating meaningful and engaging lessons.

The last component of having effective hybrid or distance learning programs is strategies to uses your school’s current technologies, resources, and other online tools and resources. For example, teachers can record their screen with free software like OBS studios or Screencastify. Then, teachers can upload videos to YouTube so many students can watch the videos simultaneously without losing quality. Likewise, teachers can assign Khan Academy videos and assignments to supplement their curriculum. Teachers can also use online open-sourced textbooks and YouTube videos.

About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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