Personalized Hybrid Direct Instruction with Zoom and Google Meets Secret Strategies

Most online video communications audio and video quality are often minimal, and it’s challenging for teachers to deliver high-quality and engaging direct instruction. Teachers often have to repeat it multiple times. When teachers are writing on a screen to show to students, it is almost illegible for students, especially for primary-grade students. However, we came up with a more effective way to utilize the full benefits of video communications platforms like Zoom and Google Meets.
We combine a video-communication platform with student-paced interactive video activities embedded with questions. We record our lectures to provide students high definition videos that students can watch at their own pace.
Teachers can use their phones to record math lessons using papers and pencils. For example, teachers can explain math concepts by writing a PowerPoint printout. Also, teachers can use videos from YouTube, Khan Academy, or other online sources to explain the concepts to students. The fey factors are providing high-definition direct instruction for all students and allowing students to learn at their pace.
Then, teachers use a Learning Management System website to embedded adaptive and interactive questions that prevent students from skipping forward. Teachers can view real-time data to make all students engage, and teachers privately chat with inactive students to remind them to participate or provide support.
Most importantly, students have to answer the questions correctly to move on to the next segment. Combining with the live-video interactions, all students can participate and engage as if they are in their classes. They can ask other students or their teacher any questions and get immediate answers from their peers as if they are in class. If a teacher needs to address all students, a teacher can speak to all students directly as if they are in class.
About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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