Adaptive and Comprehensive Gradebook for Hybrid or Distance Learning

According to Schunk and Mullen in John Hattie’s Visible Learning: Guide to Students Achievement, they assert that “perception of progress builds self-efficacy and sustain motivation” (p.41). This statement simplifies the significance of having a meaningful and comprehensive gradebook that allows students to track their progress and improve. Before the pandemic, we interact with students daily to provide them with different forms of feedback that help students build their self-efficacy. Likewise, students’ daily interactions at schools help motivate themselves to do well in school.  Hybrid and distance learning makes it challenging for teachers to build rapport to keep their students motivated. If teachers take days and weeks to update students’ grades and provide meaningful feedback, many students are left behind.  We use today’s Learning Management System website and specific strategies to streamline grading and provide students meaningful feedback instantly in our classes. Using a comprehensive Learning Management System website, we can redefine our activities that allow students to track students’ progress and build their self-efficiency. Most importantly, the gradebook is adaptive, so students can make up missing assignments for re-attempt to improve their grades at their own time. More importantly, it allows students to learn or relearn the content to build mastery.
About Us: We are current teachers who co-founded Win Elements LLC to solve schools’ problems with effective and sustainable solutions. We provide StreamlineED as an all-in-one, sustainable, and effective solution to streamline education equity by providing and training teachers on how to use the provided Learning Management System website and Blended teaching strategies that integrate their current technology and resources. We also provide Safe Pouches for phones to create a phone-free learning environment and  to provide a Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support

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