08- Living with Opportunities

Dear students,
You live your lives waiting for opportunities,
praying for opportunities,
demanding for opportunities.

You may think schools have failed you.
You may think your teachers don’t care about you.
You may think your parents don’t love you.
You may think the world is not fair to you.

You wish you are someone else.
You wish for an opportunity.

But, what the heck are opportunities?
Having a supporting family?
Is it a winning lottery ticket?
A well-paid job?
Going to a great college?
I know what you want:
Wealth, Happiness, and Healthiness.

Perhaps, what you desire are not opportunities–
They are the products of achieving multiple opportunities:
Wealth, Happiness, and Healthiness.

“Opportunities are always there. You just have to take it,” many people said.
Yet, they forgot to say:
Opportunities are every day’s challenges.
Opportunities are not guaranteed with successes.
Opportunities are difficult.
Opportunities are not comfortable.
Opportunities are risky.
It could be a trap.

To live every day is to have opportunities;
Yet, many are too fearful to take it.
They’re too afraid to study.
They’re too afraid to work.
They’re too afraid to think.
They’re too afraid to ask for help.
They’re too afraid to commit to a single person they love.
Yet, they want:
Wealth, Happiness, and Healthiness.

My dear students,
The next time you ask for opportunities;
Don’t Ask.
Don’t wait.
Don’t pray.
It is always there for you.
Just know, it is challenging.
It is risky, but it’s also lives changing as well.
Opportunities are there.
You know what you want:
Wealth, Happiness, and Healthiness
Are you afraid to take it?

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